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GoFFish : A Sub-Graph Centric Framework For Large Scale Graph Processing

It's been a long time since my last blog post. I wanted to write this blog for some time, but never got a chance to compete. Last year I was a part of a team worked on building a platform to perform  large scale distributed graph processing: GoFFish . In this blog, I am trying to give a small overview about GoFFish and its programming model. After the Google MapReduce paper and induction of Hadoop there was a search for simple programming models and analytics tools for big data processing. Graph structured data takes over a significant portion of large scale data we are seeing present day. I would say any big data problem worth looking at are graph related. :) Map Reduce model only works well with data with minimal interdependencies. Where graph structured data occupies the complete opposite end of spectrum .   Google pregel paper introduced a new simple programming model for graph processing, addressing this shortcomings of Hadoop. It's generally known a