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Axis2 SMS Transport

Apache Axis2 is an opensource framework for webservices which is widely used today ,and its implementation is available in both java and c. Axis2 is independent of the underlying transports which takes the Messages to it.Axis2 Engine is concentrating on the SOAP processing. Users can select transports to suite their requirement and that transports are responsible for injecting Axis2Messages to the Axis2Engine.So Axis2 Engine is dealing only with this Axis2MessageContex build from the underlying transport framework. I' m writing SMS Transport as my Google Summer of Code 2009 project for Apache Axis2 which is a project focusing on implementing a SMPP support for Axis2java (And also it will able be used in Apache Synapse too Since Synapse uses the same axis2Transports ) by which Axis2 will be able to communicate with SMSCs (Short message service centers) or Any other Message centers that support SMPP . And also in this project it will make enable axis2 to communicate with Simple GSM