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Web Service Orchestration with an ESB

Web service orchestration can be thought as a process of combining and coordinating of different web services based on a predefined pattern to give a desired result. Web Service Orchestration is one of many features that comes with an ESB (see [1]). Even though Business process servers can be used for this kind of tasks , using a business process server for a simple service orchestration scenario will be a waste of time. So in this blog post i’ll explain how we can use an ESB for service orchestration which will be a much simpler task.. I’ll be using WSO2 ESB 3.0.1 for this. Let’s 1st come up with a scenario. There are consultants who can give us some advices on life when we are in need. So lets try to have a consulting service. But to consult a “Life guru” or the consultant 1st we need to get a ticket and then go to the “Life guru ” with that ticket. Following is the high level message flow for this scenario 1) Client invoke ESB proxy service with Parameters name and age 2) ESB st