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Apache Synapse Spring Mediator -(Feel the power of Apache Synapse)

Apache Synapse is a Ligh t weight ESB from Apache which supports XML webservies. And also it is a very extendible project[1]. Massage mediation is a core mode in Synapse. When in massage mediation mode Synapse act as a transparent proxy for clients. And also if Synapse receives a massage that does not belongs to any of the proxy services it will go through massage mediation[2] defined. Synapse has Components named as Mediators witch can perform mediation action on the Message(MessageContext).Mediators get the full control over the message that is passing through it. Mediator can modify and inspect message or do something by looking at the message body. Since Synapse supports writing custom mediators the possibilities of usage of Mediators become unlimited. Synapse Spring Mediator is a Mediator which enables Spring users to expose their Spring Beans as Mediators in Synapse. Following is a example of how to use Spring Mediator First thing we have to do is write a simple Bean