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Spot Light to Service Component Architecture

If we take a Normal Software application it will be consist of Many components.Where they may be developed using a same technology or different technologies.And also they may be deployed in a Same runtime ,machine or different ones and communicating with each other using a same technology or different technologies. SCA (Service component Architecture) defines how these components are created and how they are assembled together to build composites.It is a programing model build based on the SOA. According to the SCA specification SCA applications can be implemented using many technologies like Java ,Spring ,C++ etc ... SCA defines how these components built using any technology can be Assembled to built a application. A Simple example of a Component assembled to build a Application would be a Simple Java Application with few classes communicating with each other in a Single JVM.Or in a More Complex case it will be set of Web Services working together to build up a Custom Service . SCA C